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Upcoming Echo Education Events – Australia

Many quality Echo education opportunities are available providing meaningful professional development for both sonographers and physicians all around the globe. The coming months are a particularly exciting time for echo education in my part of the world. Here are just a few of the stand-out events on offer for May – July, 2017.  I hope to see you out there…

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Echo Jobs Newsletter – September

A number of quality echo jobs have been filled this month and several more have been listed.

Listings are free and can include website details, logos and any other images that will help find you the right applicants.



Echo image quality – Does size really matter??

There is no doubt that over the past 10 years the average size of our patients has increased noticeably. It is well recognized that body habitus plays a role in echo image quality, with both unusually small and large patients potentially being difficult to image. There is however considerable variability between individuals and it is near impossible to predict image quality just by “sizing” the patient up. Continue Reading


RSE – The fifth acoustic window

Today’s post focuses on the “fifth” acoustic window to the heart, the right sternal edge (RSE). The right sternal edge , or right sternal border, allows improved visualization of the mid to distal ascending aorta and potentially an improved angle of incidence for assessing aortic stenosis. Whilst some consider this a routine component to the scan, other sonographers are quite unsure of how to approach this. Continue Reading


Working in the UK – one Aussie’s perspective

Each year many sonographers travel abroad for work. For some, this is an opportunity to further develop their skills, for others it is simply a means to travel and see the world. I regularly receive emails asking my advice for working overseas. For today’s post I have asked Tim Eller to provide some insight on his experience working as a sonographer in the UK. Tim was responsible for a lot of my echo training, many years ago, before heading to the UK. Tim has since returned to Australia providing locum echo services throughout Queensland. Continue Reading