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I am extremely excited to welcome you to the first post! aims to fill the gap that sits somewhere between academic research, textbook theory and the practical application of echo. This is an exciting area that really doesn’t get much written about, yet I am constantly bombarded with questions and emails from other sonographers and physicians.  These are all excellent questions, or very real challenges that face everyone trying to scan patients in the real word. I have created this site to provide a place where we can discuss these topics and improve our cardiac sonography.

Who is aimed at?
Everyone involved in cardiac ultrasound can benefit from
Many readers will pick up tips or techniques that will positively impact on the scans they are performing on patients. I really hope that some of the posts will be useful to supervisor sonographers…giving them tools to help their trainees, or a different way to explain “sticking points” in the teaching process. I sincerely hope that through interaction and feedback, I am able to write about the topics that are of particular interest to you.

What will this site cover? looks at the common challenges all sonographers face. With experience, many of us have found solutions, developed techniques to overcome problems, or are still struggling our way through aspects of the scan. This includes daily issues such as:

  • How to correctly measure LV dimensions if there is a prominent septal bulge
  • How to correctly measure the deceleration time in tricky mitral inflow signals
  • How to assess diastology when there is conflicting data
  • Practical tips to obtain better on-axis images
  • A systematic approach to error check your study
  • Ergonomics / injury prevention
  • Practical application of Dopper haemodynamic assessment
  • Streamlining your scanning protocol to maximise efficiency and improve image quality

The list is endless… That’s what makes echocardiography and so exciting!

I began this journey by answering discussion forums and emails with questions from sonographers that couldn’t find the answers anywhere else.
I am an experienced clinical sonographer with a passion for providing the best echo examinations I can. I run a post-graduate echocardiography course and visit echo labs all around Australia and New Zealand seeing first hand the issues that are faced every day. I receive countless emails and am approached at conferences, asking for clarification on issues that can’t be found in guidelines, textbooks, or journal articles. Through my teaching, I have been directly involved in the education of hundreds of junior sonographers and have trained many sonographers clinically. I do not have all the answers…but I do have the network to be able to find the answers for you. I am a regular speaker at conferences and a vocal campaigner for improving the standards of our profession. We demand to be treated as healthcare professionals…I strongly believe that we should behave this way and accept the responsibility that comes with professionalism. I also have a strong research interest, with my current projects including:

  • Safety and use of contrast in stress echocardiography
  • Quality assurance in the echo lab
  • Impact of probe damage on imaging
  • Diabetes and autonomic function
  • LV muscle mechanics

How can the community grow?

I am focused on developing this site at the moment, but I need your help! Tell me what you want me to write about… This is not an educational course; there is no set order of topics, or path I want to lead you down. YOU decide what YOU want to read about. Some posts will be related to topical issues, rather than techniques. I believe that they are all related and all relevant to our profession. Members will have access to case studies, interesting pathology, and other more detailed topics. A Facebook page will be created soon to allow less structured interaction and encourage you to use your voice also.

I am truly excited about I hope that through the website, I am able to meaningfully contribute back to our profession. I welcome comments, suggestions for improvements, questions you would like answered in future blogs….anything! Let’s work together to improve the standards of echocardiography in our community.

… But most of all, Welcome!

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  • Reply Bec Perry November 4, 2014 at 9:39 am

    Hi Tony,
    Wow, great website looking forward to some amazing content from you! Just a quick question, how do you describe the physics of aliasing? Do you have an easy explanation for it? Thanks

    • Reply November 4, 2014 at 11:08 am

      Thanks Bec
      Easy explanation coming right up… Post will be up by the weekend.

  • Reply Claire December 20, 2018 at 1:07 pm

    Hi! I came across your aliasing post and, having found it incredibly useful and extremely well explained, was very excited about reading some more topics! Is there a list on the website somewhere where other information/topic pages can be accessed from? My searches aren’t coming up with any goods…

    • Reply echoguru December 21, 2018 at 12:56 am

      Hi Claire. Unfortunately I don’t have an index list anywhere. I am excited to say that more posts are coming soon as well as a site revamp. Let me know what you want to read about and I’ll add it to the list if it isn’t already done. Cheers Tony

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