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I always hate annoying newsletters from websites, so this will be a very rare occurrence – I promise!! 
  1. Amazing support for Echo.Guru
  2. New look for site
  3. Echo.Guru is now on Facebook!
  4. Advertise job vacancies for free on Echo.Guru
  5. Share your cool images with Echo.Guru
  6. Email address now live.

1. Amazing support for Echo.Guru

It has been an incredible fortnight with a lot of really positive responses to the site! The number of Echo.Guru followers has grown steadily and we would now fill almost 2 greyhound buses!!! I am amazed at the amount of support I have received so far. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and emailed me topic ideas for upcoming posts. The questions you are asking are fantastic and cover the full range of scanning experiences (novice, supervisors, researchers etc). I will be answering all of them in posts coming very soon. Please add to my “worklist” by commenting on this post. I am prioritizing posts based on number of people requesting the topic.

Some topics already in the pipeline based on your emails include:
  • Tips for assessing diastolic function (Popular request)
  • When not to do diastology/strain assessments
  • How-to improve LV volume measurements (Popular request)
  • Beginning imaging tips (how to hold transducer, injury prevention etc)
  • Contrast echo optimization
  • Bubble studies
  • “How do I error-check my work?”
  • Hepatic venous Doppler examination
  • Quantification of MR tips (Popular request)
  • Strain/Speckle tracking tips
I will be putting posts together as quickly as possible, but like my scanning, I would rather go for quality over quantity. Please be patient, it will be worth the wait! Guest posts are always welcome from other like-minded “gurus”.
2. Echo.Guru has a new look
The layout of the site has changed somewhat this week. This was an unexpected side-effect of changing where the site was hosted to allow improvements to how I can upload images and videos. It also will allow for some other exciting changes to the site (interactive tutorials for example). The downside was the overall look changed. I am in the process of trying to “pretty it back up”, but will try not to tinker too much – I know how frustrating website design changes are! There will be a few small changes over the coming weekend which hopefully allow a little more flexibility in the appearances of my posts and how we can interact.
3. Echo.Guru now is now on Facebook!
Continue to build our community. is now on Facebook! I will post Echo news, tips and regular updates on the Facebook page. The link is in the side menu bar.
4. Advertise job vacancies for free on Echo.Guru
Looking for cardiac sonographers?? Echo.Guru is a community of quality-driven sonographers striving to improve their scanning. The job vacancies page is now open. Please email me directly with the position details:
5. Share your coolness with Echo.Guru
Echo.Guru LOVES cool images!! I am always looking for more examples of images and can accept most formats (dicom, AVI, MPG, BMP, JPG, GIF etc) via Dropbox, GoogleDrive, or email if it isn’t too big a file. I am happy to critique, offer unqualified thoughts on interpretation, or just present the images as a case on the site. The options are endless for growing the community, but we obviously need a few rules…
  • No patient details. All images must be de-identified.
  • Uploaded images should include a background story… how old is the patient, why are they having a scan, how are they clinically?? All images need to be taken in context of a bigger picture.
  • It is not a medical diagnosis or image interpretation service. I am not a Dr, just a passionate sonographer who is not always right – I share my opinion and I am not offering it as fact. Very few things in medicine are black and white…but make for a great discussion/debate. See the “fine print” under the About menu.

That is the whole point of this site – to share thoughts and develop together. If we keep that in mind, we are all going to get on fine!

6. Still need more ways to connect with Echo.Guru
Want to send an old-fashioned email?? email me:
Add the address in your email client address book.
I am expecting to upload a new post or two this weekend. Stay tuned…
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  • Reply Amy December 4, 2014 at 2:44 am

    I definitely would like to know more about optimizing images while using contrast. Also how to enhance TR jets using agitated saline.

    • Reply echoguru December 4, 2014 at 5:59 am

      Great idea about the contrast optimization post… I have started this and it is coming soon! As for the TR… I recommend that you don’t enhance the jet using saline. The agitated saline reflects the signal badly and causes a really scratchy artefact… I will show much better examples of using contrast for enhancing TR signals though.

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