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“The heart is forever making the head its fool.”

– François de la Rochefoucauld.

There are already many excellent texts and journals on Echocardiography. Unfortunately most of our patients haven’t read any of them, leaving many students (and experienced sonographers) wondering how to deal with a particular situation. There is an information void for trying to approach the problems of echo that simply don’t appear in any texts. I am not just talking about the freakish, weird and wonderful (although I do love the bizarre…) I am referring to the practical tips and discussion of the topics that face all of us everyday, but fall outside of the scope of regular texts and journals.

Echo.Guru is not designed to be an online course, but rather an unstructured discussion and education site. I will post about echo topics I am passionate about, tips that help improve your echo skills, and answer common questions that have arisen from my students and trainees.

Ultimately, the content will be determined by the readers who comment. What do you want me to write about? What areas of echo are a struggle? Contact me and I’ll get writing.


_LJF8693Tony Forshaw is a university lecturer and clinical cardiac sonographer. He has a masters degree in Cardiac Ultrasound and continues to have a strong ongoing interest in research.  His main areas of research include: quality assurance, contrast echocardiography and muscle mechanics.  Tony believes echo is a practical skill and passionately enjoys the art of performing echocardiography.  He has been a sonographer for almost 15 years, a vocal campaigner for improving standards of sonographer training and an enthusiastic speaker at conferences on a variety of echo topics.

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