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    RSE – The fifth acoustic window

    Today’s post focuses on the “fifth” acoustic window to the heart, the right sternal edge (RSE). The right sternal edge , or right sternal border, allows improved visualization of the mid to…

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    Measuring pericardial effusions

    I have just received another great topic idea from a reader asking about the technique for measuring pericardial effusions. There is often confusion about how to correctly measure free fluid in the pericardial space or…

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    Which axis is best to measure from?

    Happy New Year!! Let’s kick 2015 off with a reader question. Many measurements in Echo can be made from multiple locations (PLAX vs PSAX; A5C vs ALAX). Experienced sonographers will have a “favorite” way…

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    ALAX…the tricky view??

    The apical long axis (ALAX) can be a difficult view to master for many sonographers. A quality, on-axis image is obtained when the image transects the true apex and also needs to pass…

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    Which intercostal space?

    In an earlier post we looked at how to obtain the perfect on-axis image. I focused on the golden rule of “tilt for the centre and rotate for the sides”. But what…